Design DIY: Magnetic Makeup Display

Makeup bags can become unruly and turn into a mysterious abyss. With this week’s Design DIY, Carbon will assist you with organizing your chaos with a how-to magnetic makeup display straight from our editor, Hilary Pendleton.
Here’s what you’ll need:
Magnets (From Harbor Freight 10 magnets for $.99)
Hot glue gun
Magnetic board (Got mine at Target for $9)
Nails/command strips for hanging
1. Gather makeup, best to use eyeshadows (or any makeup that has a flat surface or back).
2. Use hot glue gun to glue magnets to the backs of the makeup.
>>Tip: Avoid gluing directly over the color number in case you’d like to buy more in the future<<
3. Hang your board using command strips or nails. Hang in your bathroom or a place in your home suitable for your convenience.

5.  Place the makeup you magnetized on the magnetic board.
Now you have more counter space in your bathroom and your magnetic board doubles as art work!