Designer Spotlight: Summer Style by Soriya Swim!



The Trend

This year, ditch your simple solid color halter swim suit. Make a summer statement by choosing something perfect for your style. Thyda Phev of Soriya Swim gives us an inside scoop on her company and her beautiful Brazilian styled designs!

The Interview

Carbon Magazine: Where and when did your company get started?

Thyda Phev: Soriya swim got started in March 2011 in my apt in Marina Del Rey, CA

CM: What is the inspiration behind Soriya Swim?

TP: My inspiration was to make affordable brazilian cut bikinis that were reversible, allowing multiple usage for your money.

CM: What makes your brand stand out from companies that make a similar product?

TP: Soriya swim offers soft quality fabrics that won’t cut into your skin, and every style can be worn
reversed into a different color and can be worn multiple ways.

CM: What is your favorite spring trend?

TP: My favorite spring trend is florals, I love all the florals and vibrant colors.

CM: If you could see your product on a celebrity, who would it be?

TP: If I could see my suit on one celebrity I would have to pick Mila Kunis.

CM: Do you have a favorite piece you’ve ever designed?

TP: I love all of my designs dearly, however the very first piece I made, the Kelley bottoms, will always
hold a special place in my heart. Also, I really love the femininity of the Channa lace top.

CM: How do you keep up-to-date with the latest trends?

TP: Honestly, I really don’t keep up with trends. I like to keep things fresh with my own ideas.

CM: How would you describe your city’s style?

TP: Venice has a very free-spirited vibe where everything just goes. People here aren’t afraid to show their individual sides.

CM: What advice do you have for aspiring designers?

TP: When you have an idea, make it come to life. Be true to what your style is. Remember to design for yourself because there’s always someone out there who wants exactly what you want.

Product Review

When I received my bikini from Soriya Swim, I was a bit nervous to see if I could pull off Thyda’s sexy, daring style. I threw on the suit and prepared myself, but when I looked at my reflection I felt incredibly comfortable and trendy! Thyda’s designs are sleek
and show off just enough skin to stay wearable and Brazilian beautiful! Her wide range of styles and colors are also a plus, making sure every girl has the opportunity to find her new favorite swim suit!

Grab your own Soriya Swim suit here: