The Style Guru: Winter Whites

The Style Guru: Winter Whites

Don’t wear white after Labor Day! How many times have you heard that daffy saying!? Some still abide by that statement and really frown upon wearing white after Labor Day. Some aren’t sure why that saying exists at all, therefore shy away from white ‘just in case’!

That saying actually stems from a few different contributions dating back over one hundred years ago. No one knows the exact reason, but one main contributing factor was Class and Status. Rules where created by wealthy woman who came from ‘old money’, they wanted to distinguish wealth between themselves and those ‘new money’ gals. They created a bunch of (pretty silly) fashion rules so they knew who was worth giving the time of day too! Lo and behold, not wearing white during the fall and winter months was one of these rules. Over time that saying was passed down and still remains to this day! However, its time to squash that ridiculous rule once and for all!

Wearing white after Labour Day is also known as the winter whites! This fall especially, the winter whites are already trending intensely and the winter season hasn’t even completely arrived yet! Even though where still in fall, the winter whites are flooding retails stores with a creamy lite pastel sensation!

The ‘winter whites’ is just a saying and it doesn’t absolutely mean white. During the cold months off whites and creams are actually preferred. They give you a warmer cozy appearance that harmonize well with many other colours. But don’t worry, bright whites are great too, they work especially well if you plan on pairing with a very rich colour!

Don’t forget about the pastels in this trend, especially with blouses, blazers and sweaters! They may even carry a bit of detailing such as studs, spikes or jewels in the collar or shoulders to give the piece a bit of weight for the fall season. The winter whites could even be called the winter lite’s, due to some of the light airy pieces that are flowing off the bodies during this season!

If you’re thinking of picking up a few pieces to add to your F/W 2012 wardrobe why not swing by a H&M or Forever 21? They offer an abundance of winter whites this season at very reasonable prices! And remember, you can always wear white after Labor Day! This isn’t the early 1900’s, there are no real rules in fashion!