Designer Spotlight: Csera & The Surface Design

Designer Spotlight: Csera & The Surface Design

Many of us college fashionistas are enjoying the perks of fall; pumpkin spice lattes, pea-coats and ankle boots, and signing leases for next year’s off-campus living arrangements! Okay…so the last one isn’t as fun, but for some it is the first time living in a house or apartment, and with that comes decorating! Pinterest is a huge help, but for spicing up my living space, I’m shopping Csera & The Surface Designs.

The Interview

Carbon Magazine: What is the inspiration behind creating the phone cases and pillows?

Carly: Not being able to find what I wanted to adorn my home and phone, it inspired me to create my own line.

CM: How do you describe your brand’s personal style?

C: Earthy, eco loving and mischievous!

CM: Do you have a muse when it comes to designing?

C: The late Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood are my idols.

CM: How do you think your brand stands out amongst other companies that sell a similar product?

C: I am a textile designer, illustrator, artist and graphic designer all rolled into one. I give people what they love. My products are all handmade with love and I do this for the love of art, fashion and illustration…not profit.

CM: How do you stay updated on the latest trends?

C: Reading your magazine of course!

CM: What kind of person do you design for?

C: Hmm, toughy…my pillows and cases are literally for everyone. All ages, genders, and styles. But to narrow it down, a young 18-30 year old with a wicked sense of style and an attitude to match!

The Review

I received a wonderfully designed phone case and pillow from Carly. The phone case was as unique as possible, fit for a fashionista. The style and durability allowed my clumsy self to drop my phone multiple times and still look stylish doing it. The pillow accented my dorm room perfectly! I color-blocked my dorm space into a few neutral colors, but throwing in the attention-catching piece was exactly what It needed.  While most dorms don’t allow much décor, you can make your living space into a home thanks to Carly & The Surface Designs.