Designer Spotlight: Miss Violet Lace

Designer Spotlight: Miss Violet Lace

Magenta & violet & turquoise, oh my.

In early 2012, Lauren Conrad started a hair color craze. She dip dyed the tips of her locks with vibrantly vivid color. Her blonde hair ombré’d into light pinks and navy blues. Usually seen as a punk trend, the fashion world quickly caught on. Kelly Osbourne dyed her ‘do lavender. Kate Bosworth dip dyed her blonde locks teal. The extremely interesting trend trickled down to bloggers and fashionistas everywhere. If you’re dying to dye but a bit of a commitment phobe (like myself) & can’t stand to part with your perfectly toned natural color, shop Sandy and Krista’s beautiful hair accessories at Miss Violet Lace.

Miss Violet Lace offers a gorgeous collection of clip in hair extensions or, if you’d like a full head of color, wigs! They are all dyed carefully to steal the spotlight. Easily attached extensions sit beneath your hair and pop out against your natural locks. Wigs are fitted and full to look as natural as possible.

The Interview

Carbon Magazine: What is the inspiration behind creating your wigs & extensions?

Krista: We are inspired most often by our surroundings… music, our mood and the changing of seasons. I draw inspiration from different places I go and things I see, as well as fashion. We try to stay away from anything too ‘trendy’, because it’s important for us to keep our hair pieces timeless.

CM: If you could see your designs on anyone in the world, who would it be?

K: The first person that comes to mind is Katy Perry, because she has shown so many people that wigs can be fun and sexy, never boring…but I think we both feel that it would be most fulfilling to see someone who doesn’t have hair (due to medical or other reasons) receive and wear a wig. Knowing that I have a part in making someone feel comforted, beautiful…that is what it’s really all about.

CM: What is the reasoning behind your store/brand’s name?

K: The name ‘Miss Violet Lace’ is a combination of my and my business partner’s likes – I love the color purple, so we both agreed ‘violet’ would be lovely as part of the name. My business partner (and mom!) Sandy loves all things romantic, so we thought the word ‘lace’ would describe that, and go well with the name too.
We wanted the name to have more of a ‘personal’ touch though, so we eventually agreed on ‘Miss Violet Lace’. We aren’t just a brand — we want others to know that there are real living, breathing people behind the name, and having our brand name be believable as a real person’s name reflects that.

CM: Favorite fall hair/fashion trend?

K: I am quite partial to the ombre effect (gradual fade from dark to light), but I feel that it has been somewhat overplayed, so we like to do our own take on it, with reverse ombre (light to dark) and color ombre effects.

CM: Tips on caring for your wigs/extensions?

K: The most important thing I can tell others that will extend the life of their wigs is to brush carefully. The fastest thing that will wear it out is brushing too hard and pulling on the hair. Using a wide toothed comb, start at the bottom and work your way towards the top, gently brushing out any tangles.

Product Review

With extremely thin, blonde hair, I’ve always been a fan of extensions. Miss Violet Lace provides beautifully cut and colored real human hair extensions that can withstand heat products and washing. They look and feel real, even when dyed an unnatural color. The clips are comfortable and the results are incredible. You can now change your hair as often and as easy as your ensemble! If you’re a high fashion trend follower, shop Miss Violet Lace now and get your dip dyed ‘do as soon as possible!

*For more on Krista & Sandy’s shop, make sure to pick up a copy of our December issue, premiering December 10th!