Online Sponsorship:

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Sponsored blog posts:

  • Sampled product review, $0 with supplied sample.
  • Unbiased product or brand blog post, $20
  • Sponsored video editorial, $100

*A sponsored video editorial will feature your product in a 20-30 second video being worn by one of our models in 2 or 3 different looks.
**Please note: For sampled product reviews and video editorials, sample will not be returned and review will only be written if we feel that our readers will love your product too.

Example of video editorial:

Contact Hilary at for more info on sponsored blog posts and videos.

Special Opportunities:

  • Joint collaboration
  • Guest blogging
  • Giveaway/Contest

Each of these opportunities are unique and will be personally coordinated by the Chief Editor and the Account team. Contact Hilary at for more info on special opportunities.

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