Are you an independent photographer or freelance writer looking to get your work published? We support independent artists by accepting submissions for our online blog articles.

Please note: Submissions are currently closed! Here is an example of past guidelines:


Thank you for your interest in contributing to our June/July issue! The theme of this issue is going to be Summer Revival. The due date for submissions will be May 13th at Midnight MST (Mountain Standard Time). All submissions must be sent to by that date, unless you have spoken to me personally.


For those of you submitting articles, you do not need to submit creative at this time. Only your text copy. We will handle the creative for you. As always, if you have photography ideas please send those notes along with your piece and if you want to come along on the photo shoot to help direct (Arizona contributors only!)- that’s definitely okay! Let us know and we can schedule a day that works for you. If you’re having trouble coming up with a concept, let us know. We can assign you text copy to write for a contributor’s photography piece.

For those who are submitting editorial spreads, high res photos only. Spreads can be as small as two pages up to about eight or ten. If accepted for the publication, the photos must be exclusive to Carbon Magazine only! Send the files via email, yousendit or some other large file sender to Please let us know when you’ve sent them. Sometimes the large file sending websites fail and this way we can let you know if they need to be resent or not. Don’t forget to send all photography credits in a Word.docx too; clothing, model’s names, make-up artists or any other staff you have working on the shoot so that you all can receive proper credit in the issue. The most important thing- please send photos that are appropriate to Carbon’s aesthetic and style. Please review previous issues and the website if you need to. Photos may be re-sized to fit our unique layouts- boring full page spreads are unlikely. Text and/or copy may be used in conjunction with your spread to tell a story. Lastly, we may not have room for all photos submitted. We may only want to use a couple photos or we might want to use the whole spread. We will let you know which ones we can use once I have a chance to review all submissions- after each deadline. If you have any questions at all regarding this, please let us know.