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Designer Spotlight: Miss Violet Lace

Designer Spotlight: Miss Violet Lace

Magenta & violet & turquoise, oh my. In early 2012, Lauren Conrad started a hair color craze. She dip dyed the tips of her locks with vibrantly vivid color. Her blonde hair ombré’d into light pinks and navy blues. Usually seen as a punk trend, 

Conscious Fashion: Dreamin’ of Denim

Spring fashion has long been a time of transition; we gradually slump off our heavy winter coats and dawn new threads. Each Spring, the fabrics get a little brighter, prints become a little cheerier and the material gets a little lighter. Spring 2012 is no 

Tumblr Tuesday: Multiples

Birds of a feather, flock together. This week is all about matching who you’re out and about with. Whether it be through the same pop of color, matching shoes, synonymous hair do’s or identical dresses, you’ll look rad strolling with your bff(s). All images are seen on