Design DIY: Leather Bow

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I had a third grade teacher who rocked a colossal bow everyday – we all made fun of her. But when I laid my eyes on this sweet leather bow – I found myself appreciating my elementary school teachers’ adornment. Albeit, this bow is much more on trend, and a hell of a lot smaller. Plus, it is super simple to make if you haven’t come across something similar in the accessories bin.

What you’re going to need:

– Sharp Scissors
 – Kitchen Twine (approx. 10″)
 – Faux Leather, cut into one large rectangle (13” by 3”) plus a smaller scrap.
 – Glue
 – Needle
 – Thread
 – Fray-Check
– One 80mm Barrette
Step # 1: Apply a thick line of glue at the end of the piece of leather
Step # 2: Fold the piece of leather over, to create a loop, press firmly.
Step # 3: Flip your piece of leather over so that the ends do not show, apply a dot of glue to the middle of the piece of leather.
Step # 4: Scrunch your bow together like the accordion movement shown below – so that two sides stick together.
Step # 4: Wrap the piece of twine around the bow and secure with a small knot.
Step # 5: Glue small piece of leather around to conceal the twine.
Step # 6: Hot glue (or sew) the barrette closure onto the back of the bow. If you decide to sew (for a more secure bow) carefully use your thread and needle and secure the barrette to the back.
Step # 7: After cutting any fly-aways from the fabric, let adhesive dry and then attach to the back of a pony or an up-do for a flirty look!
Special thanks and photo credit to: Stars and Sequins for this phenomenal tutorial & visual aids!

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