From the Editor: Denim Blues

It’s true, even as the Carbon founder, I can’t stop working on new projects. In fact, my latest project happens to be a super rad Etsy shop called Chevron Denim. The shop features up-cycled denim cutoffs mostly in the Levi variety, though there currently is one pair of unique Wranglers that I wish were my size!

The idea to start an e-boutique was formed from my love of cutoff shorts. If you remember my recent Style Your Life post, you’ll remember my many pairs of cutoffs displayed above a free standing rack of clothes. I can’t get enough of these and think that every fashion-forward girl should own at least one pair too. Thus, Chevron Denim was born! Muahahah…

Anyways, I would never forget my beautiful Carbon fans and want to thank you for your loyalty by giving you an exclusive discount code to Chevron Denim for 15% off any item! Enter the code “CARBONFANS” at checkout to redeem.