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Fashion News: Oscar de la Renta’s Rebellious New Scents

Fashion News: Oscar de la Renta’s Rebellious New Scents

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“Fragrance is an invisible dress” – Oscar de la Renta

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 No one understands a woman like Oscar de la Renta. The iconic designer has mastered bringing the psychology behind femininity into every sketch, design and stitch with his name on it. His collections are a constantly evolving celebration of woman’s mind and the mystique surrounding it. New York Fashion Week is underway, and it’s time for Oscar to celebrate again. His statement-making new debut has potential to change they way women think of fragrance forever.

“A women now wants to represent herself in many different ways, at different times,” said Oscar de la Renta on his new Essential Luxuries perfume line(which debuted nationally on Fashion’s Night Out). “I no longer think a woman is married to one fragrance.”

The idea of a woman being attached to any tradition, thing or outfit? Gone. As fashion and 2012 dictates, women should embrace every choice they have, just as they do shoes and outfits. Oscar wants that to extend to our fragrance wardrobe too—switch, mix and never be afraid to take risk. Each of the six fragrances in the Essential Luxuries collection is inspired by personal experiences, places and people in Oscar’s life—a subtle way to be personally inspired by the designer everyday.

SANTO DOMINGO – Inspired by Oscar de la Renta’s tropical birthplace.

ORIENTAL LACE – A daring accolade to the statement-making textures found in his  runway collections.

GRANADA– Homage to his sweet memories of the Alhambra Patios.

MI CORAZON – Artful salute to his passion for gardening and devotion to his family – his heart.

CORALINA – Timeless, classic, refined and rare – a scent dedicated to the women who inspire him.

SARGASSO – Essence of the sea, simply.

 “To wear perfume is a luxury; it’s about spoiling yourself with fantasy,” he said.

All fragrances debuted on Fashion’s Night Out and will be exclusively sold at Saks Fifth Avenue New York,, Oscar De Le Renta boutiques and $150 per 3.4oz fragrance.


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