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Fashion News: New Fashion App for iPhone.

Fashion News: New Fashion App for iPhone.

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A new fashion mobile App has just been launched for fashionistas everywhere. Entitled as the Snap Fashion App, it allows you to source and shop for a particular style of clothing that you are looking for based on a photo that you upload! It is described as a “sartorial search engine” and works by searching through thousands of online products to show you the ones that best match your photo. Snap fashion has an extensive list of sites that it scans by color, cut and style to give you the best match that you are looking for. Users can then buy the product online from the app or save in a favorites folder for later.

The App was the creation of 25 year old computer-science graduate, Jenny Griffiths.

“I was tired of shopping on a student budget,” explained Griffiths. “I love admiring looks in magazines, on the catwalks and those that other women put together, but when it came to sourcing the items that I liked – within my budget – I struggled. Using technology to search via images seemed like the most obvious thing to do.”

I think that the App is absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to get it!

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