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The Style Guru: Graphic Sweaters

The Style Guru: Graphic Sweaters

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When the cool, chilly weather starts to creep in and autumn’s temperature takes over your world, the first thing you go to for cover are all those cozy warm sweaters! Whether you’ve had them for years, just last season, a hand-me-down or knitted by one of your relatives. Everyone seems to have a bunch of sweaters on hand, that are ready to hold you close and shield you from the cold!

This season it is the time to sort through all your sweaters to keep ones you love and give away the ones you don’t. Make some room for this seasons chic and practical trend, the graphic sweater! Normally most view graphic sweaters as a teenage trend that are meant for the crowded lockers and high school halls, but this stereotype can finally be dropped. The graphic sweater is revamped this season with countless appearances all over the runways!

With a sophistication, these graphic sweaters exhibit edgy images and patterns; you wont find any cartoon animals or glittery hearts…don’t worry! There are a few methods the graphics are used this season, graphics in the form of a print, beads, laser cut, knitted or color blocked! Yes, now you might be thinking whats the big deal with a color blocked sweater, stripe sweaters have been around for eons! This season the color blocking goes beyond stripes, by using a single stripe or combination of stripes, eye-catching geometric and wicked shapes that are designed carefully to lay on your body playing with balance and proportion.

This trend is so practical you can literally throw one on and pair it with denim jeans, silky trousers or even a leather skirt! The graphics in the sweater add the eye-catching pop to your look, so wont need to spend extra time accessorize or planning a prefect top and bottom pair. Easy going and trendy, with the option to look elevate the sophistication level depending on which type of graphic sweater you choose! Check out the selection in your local retailers and find sweaters that suit you! Why not try finding two; a quirky one for casual wear and something deviously detailed for times with a bit of importance!

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