Beauty Box: No Wash Needed

Beauty Box: No Wash Needed

We all have those days when you wake up, thinking you are going to shower in the morning, and well it just doesn’t happen. Whether you miss your alarm or hit snooze one too many times either way you end up running late. It is a struggle enough trying to pick out what to wear after while in a rush, but let alone having to worry about your hair. Well, that problem has finally been solved. I’ve never been a huge fan of dry shampoo as ones that I have tried before make my hair look flaky and well worse than what it started off to be. So I thought I would try again. I purchased TGI HairCare Rockaholic Dry Shampoo and fell in love.

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I do not usually have the issue of greasy hair, but for those days where I am running late and need a little help with my hair this is the perfect product. By just shaking the can and spraying directly into the roots of your hair, instantly you receive volume and texture without that extra shine. With one simple brush through after you are ready to go. No extra stress of having to quickly jump into the shower, wash your hair, and run out the door with soaking wet locks.

No one will ever know that you did not wash your hair ┬áthat morning as it will look and smell as if you did! Being in college, this is a struggle I face weekly, and this product has been a life-saver so far! Even for those days where I intentionally want to sleep in and don’t want to get ready this becomes by go-to product. The best part is it does not leave your hair feeling thick and hard, but smooth and refreshed as if you were to wash it.

This can be purchased at most local Ulta’s, Targets and other retail stores. For around $20.00 a bottle this is truly worth it. Remember, one spray goes a long way!