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From the Editor

From the Editor: Psychedelic Cupcakes

From the Editor: Psychedelic Cupcakes

In addition to being fashion-obsessed, I happen to have a love for baking too and one of the items that I receive great feedback from are my tie-dye cupcakes. I adapted my version from who does a lovely job at showing pictures throughout the process. […]

Tumblr Tuesday: Headcase

Don’t neglect your head when it comes to accessories. Bows, headbands and wraps are exceedingly popular moving into summer! Decorate those tresses! All images are found on Tumblr and link to the source.

From the Editor: H&M Unveils New Website

Retail powerhouse H&M has recently revealed a new website that features in-store items along with prices. The new site is neatly organized with men’s, women’s and children’s clothing. The site is an exciting addition to the recent Conscious Fashion Collection and collaboration with Swedish Hasbeens. […]

Tumblr Tuesday: Waisted

Summer is on its way and spring is already here. Show off those legs and your waistline in a pair of high-waisted shorts! All images are seen on Tumblr and link to the source.

Tumblr Tuesday: Multiples

Birds of a feather, flock together. This week is all about matching who you’re out and about with. Whether it be through the same pop of color, matching shoes, synonymous hair do’s or identical dresses, you’ll look rad strolling with your bff(s). All images are seen on […]

From the Editor: April.May 2011 Issue

From the Editor: April.May 2011 Issue

The first issue of Carbon Magazine is on sale for full color print purchase now! You can purchase it by clicking here or the widget below! Carbon Magazine Issue 1: April.May 2011 By Hilary Pendleton in Fashion & Style Our premiere issue!This issue of Carbon […]

Word of the Week: Bodacious

Bodacious- bo·da·cious [boh-dey-shuhs] –adjective 1. thorough; blatant; unmistakable: a bodacious gossip. 2. remarkable; outstanding: a bodacious story. 3. audacious; bold or brazen. ( Use in a CARBONsentence: Look at that bodacious cat, it must be Kingsley Pendleton.   Is there a word you want to see featured? Submit to!

Word of the Week: Blurb

Blurb [blurb] –noun 1. a brief advertisement or announcement, especially a laudatory one. –verb 2. to advertise or praise in the manner of a blurb. ( Use in a CARBONsentence: While I was reading the latest issue of CARBON Magazine, I noticed a blurb about […]

Word of the Week: Alexipharmic

Alexipharmic– a·lex·i·phar·mic [uh-lek-suh–fahr-mik] –adjective 1. warding off poisoning or infection; antidotal; prophylactic.  ( Use in a CARBONsentence: Prince Charming’s alexipharmic kiss awoke the sleeping beauty from her slumber like magic. Is there a word you want to see featured? Submit to!

CARBON interviews Poz and InfeKt!

CARBON interviews Poz and InfeKt!

A special video for all you CARBONITES out there! Musical reporter for CARBON Magazine, Jared Mergens sat down with Poz and InfeKt for a less-than-serious interview! Be on the lookout for Jared’s full interview in CARBON’s premiere issue! For more Poz and InfeKt, check out […]