Funky Fixes: Perfumed Perfection

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When it comes to applying perfume, I give myself a big fat fail. I always seem to either put too much on, which results in me having an awful headache, or I do the opposite and don’t put enough on. To try and remedy my perfume dilemma, I’m dedicating this week’s funky fix to perfume. The key, I’ve learned, to successfully wearing perfume is to apply it to your pulse points, areas of your body that tend to radiate heat. Major pulse points include: the sides of your neck, your wrists, cleavage, and behind your knees. When putting on perfume, do not put it on every pulse point, instead, choose one or two spots. Another tip for wearing perfume is to not rub it in; rubbing in perfume can muddy the original scent. It’s important to let the perfume dry and be absorbed by your skin! Finally, for a subtle all over scent, you can spray perfume in the air and walk into its mist. I also love spraying a bit of perfume in my hair; hair holds the scent well and gives off a light scent as you move. (For more perfume tips click here).


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