From the Editor: How to Obtain Missoni for Target Items (Kind of)

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The highly coveted Missoni for Target line has had most everyone going nuts this past week. The extremely limited stock sold out within minutes of the launch last Tuesday and has been sold out all week. The lucky few who were able to get their hands on some of these pieces have placed their items for bidding on eBay with prices starting well above their MSRP.

With as much online shopping that I do, I’ve started to notice many Missoni-esque items around the web, especially in Forever 21 and H&M. I’ve realized that you can get the Missoni for Target look without stalking or questioning Target employees when the next shipment will arrive. Also, a lot of these rival items are significantly less expensive (always a plus in my book!) and they are equally as chic.

Starting from the top left and working clockwise:

1. These zig zag scarves are both jewel toned in hue and will certainly keep you warm this fall. But at a measly $4.99, why not pick up the Forever 21 scarf instead?
2. These two zig zag shift dresses are absolutely adorable but I actually prefer the Forever 21 dress over the Missoni dress. I love the cut and the knit seems to have a bit of a metallic sheen.
3. Both of these maxi dresses are adorable! I do love the graphic print on the Missoni for Target skirt better, but the colors of the Forever 21 skirt are beautiful and make for a fantastic substitute for the Missoni skirt.
4. Tights! One of the greatest inventions in womens’ accessories. Plain and simple though, Missoni for Target’s purple zig zag tights are priced at a steep $50, well above H&M’s $6.99 price point. Also, I think out of all of the above comparisons, these items are the most similar to each other, in fact they’re almost identical.
5. First off, I’m a big fan of printed shorts. Both of these items would be a great addition to any wardrobe. However, with a $40 price tag versus $15 price tag + immediate accessibility, I think I’ll go with Forever 21’s knitted shorts.

What do you think about these Missoni for Target substitutes? Is the Missoni brand worth the price and scarcity? Or is the zig zag look more valuable?

Missoni sweater dress
$50 –

Forever21 knit dress
$23 –

Missoni knit shorts
$40 –

Missoni long skirt
$50 –

Missoni tights
$50 –

Forever21 knit shorts
$14 –

Forever21 long maxi skirt
$18 –

H M tight
6.99 –

Missoni scarve
$50 –

Forever21 fringe scarve
$4.99 –

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