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Fashion isn’t always about how you wear your clothing or accessories, but also how you maintain them in your space. Organization is a key feature of keeping your clothing, accessories and shoes easy to find and in tip top shape.

The first step in de-cluttering your closet is getting rid of certain items you don’t need or wear anymore. I used to have a hard time getting rid of clothing thinking one day I’d wear them again. Years later those items remained untouched. We’ve all had this problem one time or another. College Fashion gives advice on how to recycle your clothing by asking yourself simple questions like “Is it too small?” “Is it outdated?” and “Is it missing any clasps or buttons?”

Life2PointOh gives 5 Easy Steps to De-clutter Your Closet. They take the same stance as CollegeFashion “out with the old and in with the new” as well as pointers on what kind of hangers are the best and what is the best way to keep your shoes organized.

Once you get your closet completely organized the way you want it, you should have some bags of clothes to give away. Go to your local Goodwill or have a Clothing Exchange Party with some friends! Once you’ve done that, College Gloss will show you how to revamp your wardrobe by storing seasonal items and buying staple pieces that will never go out of style!

For some closet organization inspiration look into Real People, Real Closets to see some real people’s real closet organization! Success stories are always uplifting!

You don’t always have to wait for spring to do your spring cleaning! Clean out your closet today to make room for the upcoming seasons and holidays!


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