Love Sick: Cute Couple Costumes

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In an earlier article, I mentioned that a great way to bond with your guy is to dress up for Halloween together. If you’re stumped on what to wear and are looking for some unique ideas, look no further!

1) Scary Couple Costume- Zombie and victim: Have your man dress up in full zombie attire, ripped and bloody clothes, cuts and bruises, blood all around his mouth. Then you dress up like you normally would but just have a bloody bite somewhere on your arm or neck. This is an easy and cheap costume that’ll stick to the scariness of Halloween and will be sure to get a good laugh. For extra points, run away from him all night as he moans and limps towards you.

2) Historical Couple Costume- Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd: Have him wear a suit, bear and top hat. You’ll wear an old fashioned dress with your hair in a bun. To make it extra Halloween-y, have him place a bullet hole on his forehead. For you, carry around a pair of opera glasses.

3) Funny Couple Costume- Lightning bolt and electrified person: One of you can dress up as a lighting bolt, wearing all silver and if you can find some, add blinking lights to your costume to look like you’re flashing. The other person can tease their hair straight up and smear black on their face and clothes to look burnt.

4) Pop Culture Couple Costume- Warren Jeffs and child bride: Have him dress up in a suit and add grey to his hair. You’ll dress up in a prairie-type dress, french braided hair, very little make-up and carry around a little doll. Bonus if you can get a friend to dress the same as you and be your sister wife.

5) Lovey-Dovey Couple Costume- Prince William and Kate Middleton: Have him wear a formal suit, similar to the one William wore to his wedding. He’ll also need a wig that makes him look like he’s balding and buck teeth. You can wear the biggest wedding dress you can find, a giant ring and a tiara.

6) In the News Couple Costume- Occupy Wall Street Protesters: Dress up like hipsters and carry signs around that say things like, “I am the 99%.”

Have any creative couple costume ideas? Post them in the comments section!

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