Love Sick: Coming Clean to Get Dirty

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In serious relationships, you get to the point where you feel comfortable enough with your partner to not wear make up around them, to let them know when you’re bloated, and for some people, they even get comfortable enough to pass gas in front of each other. But being comfortable with each other doesn’t always have to be so unsexy. A great thing about letting your guard down with your partner is feeling secure enough to let them know exactly what you want in the bedroom. Even if your sex is super sexy, it’s always fun to mix things up a little.

However, it can be embarrasing to admit to what you might want to try in bed. Maybe you’ve always wanted to try a certain position or have some kind of unusual fetish. You might be afraid of admitting this because you don’t want to be seen as a sex freak. But you never know until you ask! It might turn out that it’s something your boyfriend/lover would be really into as well.

You can go about this two different ways.

The first is to ask your partner if there is anything they’ve been curious about trying. This opens up the conversation about the topic without putting you in an awkward position. Your boyfriend will probably follow up his answer by asking you the same question. Now you have the opportunity to suggest it without feeling like a weirdo. Just remember to be open and honest about it and be prepared for him to not be into what you’re asking for. And if he makes fun of you for what you’re wanting to try then he is an ass and you should break up with him!

Another way to go about it is to just start doing what ever it is you’re interested in and see how he responds. For example, if you want to role play,  just start playing the character of the nurse, cop, robot or whatever and see if he is into it. If he is, he’ll play along, and if not, you can just drop it and know it’s not something he is into.

The most important part of revealing your sexual desires to a partner is trust. Coming clean about what you want can make you feel pretty vulnerable and you want to make sure the person you tell is not going to make you feel bad for what you want. Most people have some kind of sexual desire that others might find strange, so there is a good chance you’re boyfriend has something he wants to try too. Having honesty in the bedroom can lead to better sexual satisfaction and a more solid relationship, so what are you waiting for?

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