Funky Fixes: Keep Your Boots in Shape

While recently cleaning out my overflowing dresser, I noticed that I had multiple pairs of tights that I could no longer wear. They either had runs or holes in them or were too stretched out. Although they could no longer serve their original purpose, throwing away 6 pairs of tights just seemed wasteful. Trying to avoid this, I began brainstorming ideas about how I could reuse them. My favorite solution happens to involve my current wardrobe crush: boots. Old tights can be easily repurposed to serve as boot shapers. All you need are tights, scissors, and plastic bags or tissue paper. Simply take your tights and cut them in half along the crotch seam. After doing this, stuff the tights with empty plastic bags or old tissue paper; this is what will provide shape. After filling the tights, tie a knot at the open end and ta-da, instant boot shapers! This is a great eco-friendly project that involves both recycling and reusing everyday objects.