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Conscious Fashion: Sustainable LBD

Every wardrobe needs that perfect little black dress. The length and cut need to be flattering while the style needs to be unique yet versatile. The ideal little black dress can transform from day to night and from casual to elegant with the help of […]

Conscious Fashion: Fresh Looks

Groceries? Wait, I thought I was shopping for clothing. Luckily my eyesight isn’t going, and I haven’t completely lost it. The online eco-boutique I was perusing (that’s Future Standard, if you’re wondering) did list Groceries as one of the featured brands. Intrigued by this, I […]

Conscious Fashion: Reinvented Jewelry

Giving everyday items a new life happens to be one of my favorite things. Belts as headbands? Absolutely. Vintage doors as a headboard? Count me in. Silverware as jewelry? Yes, please! I’ve tried the first two ideas and recently came across the third. After hearing […]

Conscious Fashion: Eco Pup

As man’s best friend and even an accessory to the stars, it’s clear that our canine friends deserve a little eco love too. Luckily, Cycle Dog feels the same way. Developed with the goal of turning old things new, Cycle Dog uses old bike tubes […]

Conscious Fashion: Local Wisdom

I’m convinced that, if my house was on fire, there is only one thing I would grab before dashing out of the crumbling building: my brown Steve Madden riding boots. These boots were a second-hand find and purchased for a mere 40 dollars, such a […]

Conscious Fashion: Sustainable Sips

As the weather warms up and the sun continues to make a daily appearance, I find myself constantly staring outside my window at work. To me, there are few better ways to enjoy a summer day than relaxing on a patio with friends and a refreshing […]

Conscious Fashion: Design Lust

Eight years ago while walking through the mall with friends, I saw the most exquisite pair of sandals. Featuring a half-inch heel and smooth leather construction, these sandals made my mouth drop. But, the real knock-out element was the sandal strap detail. The top strap […]

Conscious Fashion: H2O Revamped

Growing up in Arizona, I’m no stranger to how important drinking water is. It was almost always hotter than Hades, and, hey, I needed to stay hydrated. Because of this, plastic water bottles used to be part of my regular routine. However, when the Nalgene […]

Conscious Fashion: Movin’ On Up

Getting ahead in the fashion industry isn’t easy. Even talented designers sometimes need a little extra help. Luckily, for a select number of designers, help may be just around the corner. Design Entrepreneurs NYC was established to help emerging designers improve their skills and gain […]

Conscious Fashion: Threads 4 Thought

Impacted by the tragic loss of life occurring in places such as Afghanistan and Darfur, Eric Fleet and his wife Leigh were inspired to develop a business that would engage consumers. Beginning as a small graphic tee and manufacturing business, Threads for Thought quickly grew into […]