Designer Spotlight: Clear Creek Cabin

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Spring style awareness month has been well on its way despite the influx of snow and freezing temperatures terrorizing the mid-west. Breaking out my sweater UGGS for the annoying climate previously titled “The Winter that Never Was” wasn’t too horrible, because I had many high fashion looks to look out for. Last week, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week was the proud mother of thousands of new trends. Seen above, Nina Ricci, Versace and House of Holland produced truly unique ensembles with one key element, the daring crop top. The crop top is a beautiful spring/summer collection piece that shows off those rock solid abdominals you’ve worked hard for all winter. The look can be done up with a fitted blazer, or out on the town with your girlfriends and some wedge heels. To find exclusively made crops, check out Cindy, designer of Clear Creek Cabin.

Carbon Magazine: Cindy, when was Clear Creek Cabin established? Have you designed other products for Etsy as well as your tops?

Cindy: Although Clear Creek Cabin is fairly new to Etsy, my business on Etsy has been for years. I have a full-time Bridal shop here on Etsy, CRBoggs Designs. With tons of fabrics left over, I hated to just toss it, so thinking as to what I could
use it for, I thought of what do women love that is cute, sassy, sexy and beautiful all in one that doesn’t require a lot of fabric…Bandeaus, lace tops, lingerie etc..Hence Clear Creek Cabin was born.

CM: How do you find inspiration behind the girly, gorgeous designs?

C: The inspiration for my work is basically all things beautiful, feminine and delicate. I love Romance, Sexiness
and strength. Women are all those things rolled into one. I believe that even though we are now a stronger generation then our mothers before us, and we thrive as strong independent women, there is a part of us that still loves to be that…”sweet beautiful girl next door.”

CM: What makes CCC different from other brands that create tops similar to your own?

C: First and foremost and most important to me…is the fact that my pieces are all completely hand-made. No mass-produced items from foreign countries etc…

Granted, theirs might have a stitch or two that is a little more perfect than mine, but mine are 100% made of quality fabrics, nothing cheap and like stated before…All handmade by me.

CM: Your tops will be perfect for spring weather. What are a few of your favorite spring trends?

C: My favorite spring trend would be lace, flowers, and subtle tones. A Color that makes you happy. A fabric that makes you feel flirty and adventurous. I love and adore ruffles in the right places. Lace is by far perfect for Spring as it can flow right into summer.

CM: Carbon Magazine does a feature on a certain celeb that happens to be wearing a crop from Clear Creek Cabin. Who is it?

C: If I could see one of my tops on a celebrity, it would be Rachel McAdams, or Scarlett Johanson. Both women are
beautiful yet with different looks and personalities. One epitomizing sweetness and youthfulness, and the other sexiness and beauty. As my tops can cover both areas, this is why I would choose either of these fantastic women.

CM: Does your product fit a certain age group or style?

C: Definitely, I trend more towards the girl 18-32, although I have absolutely no problem with older women wearing
my tops. It’s all about how you feel inside or carry yourself.

CM: We love all of your designs, but if you had to pick your favorite?

C: Do I have a favorite piece? hmmm, good question. Not necessarily a favorite piece, but for positive a favorite fabric. I love using the stretch laces. I have a pink shimmer stretch lace top I adore. The fabric is now discontinued so I can only make as many as I have the fabric for. I do love my leopard/animal print tops and of course the ruffled ones. The black/Champagne ruffle top is exquisite and looks so much better in person. I guess you could say that one is my favorite.

CM: Describe your personal style?

C:My personal style is my own. Just that. I create what I love, what I feel like someone will like. I do not copy..despise that, although in some cases I when asked to replicate something because it’s a financial thing, I will oblige. But all in all, I’d say…my style is my own…what you see is what I am.

CM: If an up and coming designer wanted to start their own line, what advice would you give them?

C: Go with your gut instinct. If you think your idea is to far-fetched, don’t let that stop you. Create, show and tweak it if need be. be a designer, you must have your own specific style. Don’t ever let anyone tell you different.

You can take
constructive criticism and learn from that…but never lose yourself

I had contacted Cindy and asked to sample her crop tops. When she asked which top I’d like, I told her to send whatever she felt was her favorite and most creative top. I opened my package promptly and fell in love with my Clear Creek Cabin leopard crop top! Not only did it fit perfectly, but became the perfect solution to any layering issue. Leather jacket that needs something sexy underneath? Crop top saves the day. As many layered tops cover up pants, a crop allows you to show detailed denim or high-waist bottoms. The quality was perfect, the fit stretched enough for me to wear it comfortably, and it is edgy enough to spice up any ensemble. Though I wear a fierce black and white leopard print, the tops come in beautiful shades of lace that would take your blazer from boring to babe.

 Check out Clear Creek Cabin at and get your crop on.

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