Designer Spotlight: BajuesBest Denim

With all the talk of new trends and lighter layers, I’ve caught a horrible case of spring fever. Not only will it drag out for two long months, but watching designers like Marques’Almeida crank out spring/summer collections has made this almost unbearable. Luckily for those afflicted by winter weather, I’ve found the cure: BajuesBest high waist, distressed denim by Julia.

Carbon Magazine: When did BajuesBest start selling?

Julia:  I opened my shop on Etsy on Sep 15, 2010, but didn’t make it full-time till March 2011.

CM: What is the inspiration behind your product?

J: I get my inspiration from edgy, raw fashion designers like Balmain and Gareth Pugh. I also get inspired by editorial spreads on Vogue and Elle to name a few.

CM: What makes BajuesBest stand out against other

J: I believe my customers know that I enjoy creating my items, it shows in my work. I have a variety of different designs to choose from, I come up with different designs often. I also, strive to have great customer service. I receive many repeated customers and great feedback from them. I get thrilled when a customer sends me a picture wearing the clothing item they bought from me.

CM: With spring just around the corner, what are a few trends you’ll be looking forward to?

J: I’m really loving wedged heels, hats and vintage sunglasses. Vintage fashion is my weakness.

CM: You are stunned when a stylish celeb calls and asks to rock a pair of BajuesBest denim, who is it?

J: I enjoy watching model Jessica Stan on runway shows and fashion shoots. She is someone I can definitely see rocking my items.

CM: Clue us in, what does “BajuesBest” mean?

J: “BajuesBest” is a combination of my first and last name Ju, my first initials of my name and Ba the first initials of my last name, Julia Banderas. I added the E towards the end for that special someone in my life “Bajues Best”

CM: You’ve designed many gorgeous pairs, but which are your favorite?

J: I love how these shorts turned out, only wished they were my size, so I can keep them

CM: What is your preferred way of keeping in style?

J: Blogs, blogs and more blogs! I mix it up and follow street style blogs and vintage lifestyle blogs as well.

CM: Every city has their own style; Describe yours.

J: It depends; if you walk down Wicker Park, Bridgeport or the Gold Coast. It’s very diverse, I would like to think that in summer we dress fun and flirty and in winter we are cool and collective, adventurous.

CM: As an accomplished designer, what advice do you have for hopefuls?

J: Embrace your mishaps and cherish the drive you have inside you. If you wake up and can’t wait to create your work, people will notice and love the passion you exude in your designs. The love shows in your work and how you treat your clients. Don’t be afraid to experiment and always celebrate your every accomplishment. Do not dwell on the small stuff. Have fun and keep being creative!



Of all upcoming spring trends, I look forward to high waist denim the most. I anxiously awaited my pair arriving in the mail, thinking of countless outfits to layer underneath them. When my BajuesBest package arrived, I ripped it open
in the middle of my res. hall’s lobby! I ran stairs to my dorm room (which is on the 7th floor, mind you) and fell in love with these babies. Not only did the shorts fit fantastically, but the included vest made me feel like a cleaner version of Ke$ha. I ran my fingers over the studs, dyes, and fades, completely inspired and satisfied with the products. Sites like offer distressed high waist denim for up to $100.00, but as you college girls know, that is unattainable. BajuesBest sell for an average of $45.00, making this season’s most creative trend affordable.BajuesBest is a high waist, high fashion win.