Conscious Fashion: Junk to Funk

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Recycling is based on the premise of reusing old materials to make new products. Trashion, a bold new trend, takes recycling one step further. Trashion earns its name through the fusion of trash and fashion. Junk to Funk is one organization that has pioneered this new form of fashion.

Junk to Funk describes themselves as: “A collective of artists and social innovators that use Trashion as art for social change to inspire individuals toward mindful consumerism, creative re-use and conscientious disposal.” Through a unique approach to Trashion, Junk to Funk raises awareness about current consumer habits and the impact these habits have on the environment.

Incorporating stimulating visual design and high-fashion trends, Junk to Funk delivers Trashion in a way that is both fun and appealing. Junk to Funk hosts a variety of events that educate as well as entertain. One of their most popular events is their annual “Recycled Fashion Show Contest.” For the past four years, this sold-out event continually drives excitement and offers a new perspective on turning trash into fashion and art. In addition to the runway show, Junk to Funk provides public outreach programs, youth art and entertainment courses and even corporate programs such as “Trashion for Business.”

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