Designer Spotlight: Bow & Arrow Apparel

Low rise is a thing of the past.

High waist denim has attacked the runway and campuses alike, slowly and comfortably taking over ensembles. These incredibly constructed pieces are usually seen lurking over flirty blouses and under your favorite pair of ankle boots. Many fashionistas
have been seen rocking these and looking exceptionally put together and classy, if you haven’t been caught yet—don’t worry, Anna Toth is here to help.

Carbon Magazine: Where and when did Bow & Arrow get started?

Anna: Bow + Arrow officially started in the summer of 2010 here in Asheville, NC.

CM: What is the inspiration behind your denim?

A: The local movement, sustainability, and a drive to bring quality, hand-made garments back to the forefront are all inspirations.

CM: What makes your designs stand out from companies that make a similar product?

A: Lots! I make each garment to measure. That means I hand draft a pattern for each client and create a garment that’s made to fit perfectly.

Also, the denim I use comes from cotton that is grown, milled, and finished here in the states. Most garments travel the globe a few times over before they land in your shopping cart.

CM: What is your favorite spring trend?

A: Apart from spring itself?! I jest, but one of the best things about denim is it’s timeless, classic appeal. It’s nearly indispensable, particularly with a great fit. That being said, I give a wink and a nod to all things rustic, sturdy, blue collar, and earthy. Timeless
over trendy, always.

CM: If you could see your product on a celebrity, who would it be? Or, which celebrities have worn your designs?

A: Tavi Gevinson in five years.

CM: What is the idea behind the name “Bow & Arrow”

A: My friend Tamera and I were tempted to open a shop together when we both lived in the Bay Area. Bow + Arrow was one of the names we tossed around, and it stuck with me. To me it represents resourcefulness, skill, and tenacity.

CM: Do you have a favorite piece you’ve ever designed?

A: My favors fall on different designs at different times, but the Stealth Pant is taking the lead at present.

CM: How do you keep up-to-date with the latest trends?

A: To some degree I think trends are born of a collective conscience—that we’re all out there dreaming something similar based on where we are in history. So I try to listen to my gut. Trends come from us, not the other way around.

CM: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Marilyn Monroe meets Patti Smith

CM: What advice do you have for aspiring designers?

A: “Keep. It. Up.”

Though product reviews are all about what incredible pieces are sent out by designers, I always take note of the tone used between designer and consumer. Anna Toth is by far on of the most detailed designers to work with. After asking about her products, she was quick with a response and very keen on making sure I knew all my measurements so my high waist skinnies would “fit
like a glove.” Thanks to her, my skinnies are my new favorite bottoms! Made with dark wash denim and this awesomely extra comfortable feel. They sit perfectly against my torso and are loose enough to puff my favorite button up out a bit. From the buttons to the pockets and stitching, these babies are made with love. By now you should know my love for high waist denim shorts, but what about those summer nights in the city? Perfect solution: a pair from Bow & Arrow. I wore them to my internship interview (I was told it was casual, but I wanted to look profesh) accompanied with a black and white paisley H&M button up and a pair of black ankle boots. The first compliment I received was all about the bottoms. I landed the internship and looked fabulous doing so. These bottoms are great for a night out with the girls, attending a fashion show, and basically anything worth looking fashionable while doing so. Around $150, and worth every penny.

Check out Anna’s Collection @: