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Design DIY: Studded Collar

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Pull out your BeDazzlers ladies! This popular 70s embellishing tool is essential to studding to your heart’s content. Sure, you could use a modern day studding tool found at your local craft store, but there’s something nostalgic about using a pink, plastic stud puncher. I have a white blouse that’s seen better days- it’s now dingy and a clearly worn. Being that I can’t let go of a favorite wardrobe staple easily, I decided to give it new life with a studded collar. The process is pretty self explanatory but I do have few tips for virgin BeDazzlers:

1. Stay away from flat studs. Since your canvas is very plain, 3-dimensional studs will show better against the solid collar and shirt.

2. Choose the metal that matches your skin best. If you have blue undertones, go with a silver metal. Gold and bronze works best with warmer skin tones. If you have a neutral complexion, lucky you- you can go with either silver, gold or bronze.

3. Place the studs as close together as possible for a more modern look, sparsely placed studs tend to look too vintage-y.

4. You don’t  need a BeDazzler or embellishment tool to complete this DIY. You can push the studs in by hand and fold over the prongs with tweezers. I won’t lie to you though, a tool does make for quicker and easier studding.

5. Have fun and be creative. Mix different shapes of studs for a fun look or use an unconventional material like beads or pearls (attached with fabric glue) for a different effect.

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