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Photo Friday: The Topknot

Photo Friday: The Topknot

Martin Luther says that hair is one of the richest parts of a women. Hair is just enough of an equal part of fashion and personal style as the clothes and accessories are. The topknot bun is a trend that works well with all hairstyles. […]

Cut it Out: Cut Out Shoulders DIY

Cut it Out: Cut Out Shoulders DIY

This DIY is a part of the Cut it Out series, a special series for the CO-OPhx Clothing Swap! Welcome to those of you who found us through the clothing swap and welcome to those who found us through another outlet. Thank you for visiting! […]

Conscious Fashion: Sustainable LBD

Every wardrobe needs that perfect little black dress. The length and cut need to be flattering while the style needs to be unique yet versatile. The ideal little black dress can transform from day to night and from casual to elegant with the help of […]

Conscious Fashion: Styles of Hope

Everyone has a story and, in the case of Sseko Designs, so does every shoe. Handcrafted by women in Uganda, the stories behind these shoes are ones of hope. In a country impoverished by war and dominated by men, studying at a university seems out […]

Conscious Fashion: Fresh Looks

Groceries? Wait, I thought I was shopping for clothing. Luckily my eyesight isn’t going, and I haven’t completely lost it. The online eco-boutique I was perusing (that’s Future Standard, if you’re wondering) did list Groceries as one of the featured brands. Intrigued by this, I […]

Conscious Fashion: Coffee Chic

Oh Etsy, it’s no surprise that you’ve managed to do it again. You’ve lured me in for hours and left me with a list of must-have items. Combining two of my favorites, coffee and fashion, Shaggy Baggy is a new Etsy love of mine. Shaggy Baggy […]

From the Editor: Style Your Life

Style doesn’t always apply to your clothes. Good use of style can be seen in other aspects of life, such as food, beauty and even your home. Fantastic design can do wonders for your mood and improve your quality of life. This is why I […]

Conscious Fashion: Eco Pup

As man’s best friend and even an accessory to the stars, it’s clear that our canine friends deserve a little eco love too. Luckily, Cycle Dog feels the same way. Developed with the goal of turning old things new, Cycle Dog uses old bike tubes […]

Conscious Fashion: Local Wisdom

I’m convinced that, if my house was on fire, there is only one thing I would grab before dashing out of the crumbling building: my brown Steve Madden riding boots. These boots were a second-hand find and purchased for a mere 40 dollars, such a […]

Design DIY: Studded Collar

Pull out your BeDazzlers ladies! This popular 70s embellishing tool is essential to studding to your heart’s content. Sure, you could use a modern day studding tool found at your local craft store, but there’s something nostalgic about using a pink, plastic stud puncher. I […]