Fashion News: My Favorite Retail Stores

With the fashion world changing and growing each minute, it can be quite hard to adapt to all the trends and to find a store that offers what you like! Each store caters to different budgets, sizes and tastes, but it can be a challenge finding a store that is completely for your style. Luckily enough, I have found some stores that provide all of the current trends and different styles here in Ireland.

One of my favorite stores on this side of the pond has got to be River Island. It is a very well known retail store in Ireland and the United Kingdom and it provides all of the new trends every season. I only get some of my clothes from here as it can be quite pricey for a student, although they have dropped their prices a bit these last couple of years.

My other favorite store is New Look. Again, this is a great retail store in Ireland and England but they have branched out to other European cities amongst other countries. I do work here so I suppose that is why I like the store so much! The store is great as it is budget friendly to students and it also features trends from each season. Most of my pieces in my wardrobe are from New Look! I can’t get enough of this store.

Forever 21 is also a great store to shop in! I love the price range and the many different styles of clothing offered for every different taste you can think of! I have a lot of pieces from here and love going in to find more! They follow trends but in my opinion, I think Forever 21 is more into catering for all different tastes rather then taking trends straight from the catwalk. It is a good thing as when I am looking for a particular style or item, I know I will find it in here.

I try to mix and match my style as much as I can so the pieces in my wardrobe vary from pretty lace dresses to black leather leggings! I love to follow trends but if something isn’t for me, I simply won’t buy it!