Beauty Box: Subtle Glitter Polish

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It’s no secret that I love painting and designing my nails, and I’ve been practically obsessed with new ways to do nail polish in the past few months. As much as I love doing funky designs and textured nails, often I like to just stick with making them┬ásparkly! I love glitter nail polish because it’s easy, pretty, and oh so girly. However, it can also be a big pain in the butt. It’s incredibly hard to remove and in some cases, it can be a bit too flashy. Luckily, my darling sister gifted me an amazing glitter nail polish that I’ve become addicted to.

The brand is called Confetti and the polish is “Ice, Ice, Baby.” Instead of having big chunks of glitter, it has a ton of teeny sparkles. The best way to describe the color of the sparkles is iridescent. When they catch the light, the color alters slightly, creating a beautiful, yet subtle glow. I typically layer it over another solid color polish, which creates a fun effect. My favorite part about this polish is that it comes off very easily with nail polish remover, meaning I can easily continue to change-up my nails every week!

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