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Design DIY: Homemade Nail Polish

Design DIY: Homemade Nail Polish

How many times have you thrown away half-used eyeshadow because it was too old? Or tossed a broken eyeshadow pot cause it was too messy to use? If you’ve done either of those things before, this tutorial is for you! I can’t tell you how […]

Beauty Box: Making A Statement

Without a doubt it has been proven in the fashion industry that makeup can really make a statement. Adding pops of color to eyes, cheeks, or lips to make an outfit complete. Makeup is not only thing making a statement lately! Nail polish is also […]

Conscious Fashion: Butter Me Up

Butter isn’t exactly a word that conjures up images of colour and glamour, is it? Yet the cosmetics company butter LONDON is on its way to do just that. I first came across the brand when it became the latest cosmetics line to be stocked […]

Beauty Box: Subtle Glitter Polish

It’s no secret that I love painting and designing my nails, and I’ve been practically obsessed with new ways to do nail polish in the past few months. As much as I love doing funky designs and textured nails, often I like to just stick […]

Conscious Fashion: The Toxic Trio

Natural this, natural that. We’ve seen these labels and heard all these claims before. But can we trust what we’re reading? In the cosmetics industry, where the FDA has little sanction, the answer points to no; it’s up to us to be informed consumers. A […]

Beauty Box: OPI’s “I’m Not Really a Waitress” Polish

I’m not much a nail polish snob. I don’t only buy specific brands and my choices of nail polish usually have to do solely with the color and how many layers I have to apply to get the right look. I don’t like applying more […]

Design DIY: Tie Dye Nails

Nail art has become quite the phenomenon this year. From retro chevron patterns, inverse french manicures, to ombre, the possibilities and patterns are endless. Changing your nails is an inexpensive way to experiment with your style and creativity. I am somewhat notorious for having a […]

Linked to Fashion: Nail Effects!

I have a slight obsession with nail polish. It’s one of those things, like magazines, that when you’re at the store you pick up a new color. Or maybe that’s just me! I love trying new nail colors or adding glitter here and there. The […]

Linked to Fashion: Fall from Head to Toe

Fall is in the air and it just so happens to be my favorite season! Fall fashion incorporates warm colors and layer upon layer of fabulous style! Having good fashion isn’t just about the clothing; fashion is head to toe! I’ve looked into a few […]

Funky Fixes: Nail Art Made Easy

Someone recently asked me, “Why do women like to paint their nails?” I paused for a moment and then answered by saying nail polish is another way to express our personality and personal style. The Art of the Nail featured in the print issues of […]