Beauty Box: Temporary Tattoos for Your Nails!

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As a lover of unique nail designs, I’m always on the lookout for a new way to decorate my nails. So when an ad for temporary nail tattoos popped up in my Facebook news feed, I immediately checked it out. They looked so awesome that I bought a set right then and there.

A few days later they arrived in my mail box and they’re everything I hoped they would be. You apply them in pretty much the same way you’d apply any temporary tattoo. First, paint your nail a solid color. Let it dry completely and then cut out the design you want, peel the plastic backing off, and place the tattoo face down on your nail. Using a wet wash cloth, dampen the back of the tattoo until it has transferred onto your nail. Smooth out any wrinkles, let the tattoo dry, and then apply a clear top coat to keep it protected from chipping. The end result is absolutely adorable!

How mine turned out!

They come in a variety of adorable designs and they are very affordable. The price range is from $6.50-$12.00 and each pack contains two sheets of 48 individual designs. They can be purchased here: . I plan on buying one pack of each theme!

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