Beauty Box: Kiss These Lips

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Of course we all know by now that I absolutely adore Benefit Cosmetics. Well, yet again, I can say that I am definitely not disappointed in my purchase! I am not really a big fan of lip stick or lip gloss for that matter. I only really use chap stick when I absolutely have to. I always seem to love looking at these products when I am in the store, but walk away from them knowing it will most likely sit in my makeup bag and never get used. Its more of a “I have it to say that I have it” type of purchase, rather than a useful one.

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Recently, however I was talked into trying Benefit’s new Ultra Plush line of lip gloss. With six different colors available, all colors are matching to their line of Brightening Face Powder. Now, since I am not one to wear lip gloss everyday I decided to go the safe route and purchase the shade Hoola more of a nude color, with a little extra shimmer.

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With the Ultra Plush lip gloss, you can now match your cheeks and your lips for a very complete look! These lip glosses have a silky smooth texture without all of the extra stickiness involved. In addition, they are long-lasting so you do not have to keep applying over and over. They are fabulous!

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