Beauty Box: Easy Off

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Sleeping in eye makeup is not only harmful to your eyes and skin, but also an issue when you wake up with mascara and eye shadow smeared all over your face, and end up with residue left on your pillow. I for one wash my face every night before bed, and although some face washes do rinse off eye makeup as well, they don’t always seem to get it all off. I tend to avoid eye makeup removers because they leave my skin oily, but Neutrogena seems to do the trick. When I could not find my usual eye makeup remover, I decided to try the new Neutrogena-Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. It is fabulous!

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I place a small dab onto a cotton swab or tissue and wipe my eye makeup right off. It does not leave my skin feeling oily at all. A definite plus for summer, this even removes waterproof mascara which always seems to be a hassle to get off. This lotion contains cucumber and aloe extracts which helps to hydrate skin while removing eye makeup.

For $6.99 this product is definitely a steal. Instead of carrying around make up wipes that dry quickly this lotion is portable and will last a while. No more itchy eyes and make up all over my pillow. I now look forward to washing my face at night and feeling refreshed!

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