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Designer Spotlight: Fashion Meme

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Summer has flown by and back to school is right around the corner! You all know the routine, you dress up for a good week and a half before we succumb to college mascot tee shirts and yoga pants. Make this year’s “fashion week” as stylish as possible by rocking Fashion Meme. Laura’s designs are constructed with off the shoulder fits, bold graphics and colors, and sassy styles sure to grab you attention as you trot to class.

Carbon Magazine: Fashion Meme is full of spotlight stealing staples. Where do you get the inspiration for creation?

Laura: Extensive trend research and music.

CM: This season, any stellar styles or favored trends?

L: Tribal prints and cropped tops.

CM: Why “Fashion Meme”?

L: Fashion repeats itself, much like memes. Things can be around for years but there’s always a new point of view for them.

CM: What makes Fashion Meme different from competing brands?

L: Mine is a one woman show; each item you receive was designed, cut, sewn and packaged by me personally! 100% homemade!

CM: Biggest struggle with starting FM?

L: Trying to get my items in stores.

CM: Biggest success?

L: Being on Etsy and having sales!

CM: Ten years from now, where is Fashion Meme?

L: Selling steadily online and in select boutiques.

CM: What type of fashionista purchases from Fashion Meme?

L: Fashion Meme is for a fun and sexy girl who likes to be comfortable, has a cool personality and doesn’t care what others think of her.


Fashion Meme sent me a carefully constructed, graphically fabulous, white-vinyl crop tee.  Delicate, girly mermaid skirts are hot this season, but why not add some spunk with a comfortable, humorously chic top? The crop top is soft to touch with strong vinyl lettering that stands strong against cracking and general washer wear & tear. This top is good to go, whether you’re rocking it to a day at the beach or a night on the town. Check out Laura’s shop here for her collection of summer style successes.

All images via Fashion Meme Etsy Shop Page

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