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Designer Spotlight: Sunclassixx

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You know summer is bidding us farwell when you start to remember what day of the week it is. Don’t bum out too hard! Eternal summer is achievable when shopping with Sunclassixx. Sunclassixx tanks are creatively constructed, powerfully printed racerback designs that need to be added to your prefall ensembles.

Carbon Magazine: What was your inspiration behind creating your signature tanks?
Lillian: I wanted to create something that I would wear and that I couldn’t find already in stores. The big struggle was the name. I knew I wanted my own line for a superlong time. The name Sunclassixx came to me in 2010. registered the name on etsy, then I tried a few logos… I would doodle logos with a sharpie at my last job, a soul crushing 40 hr a week gig as assistant web editor
on a lighting website. I made my first few prototypes in November 2011.

CM: What type of girl would you want your tanks featured on?
L: Well, anyone in Australia. surfer girls. If someone famous wants a Sunclassixx, that’s cool or whatevs. But they’re for everyday people like you and me.

CM: What was your favorite trend this summer?
L: I gotta admit I’m loving fringe. And neon. Always neon. Neon will never go out of style in my closet.

CM: Do you have a favorite piece you’ve designed?
L: A dress that I made in 2004. It’s very special to me. I made it from vintage 80s t-shirts and nighties and it’s pastel and it’s beaded and sequined and say’s “for real” on part of the skirt.

CM: As a designer, how do you stay up to date on trending pieces?
L: I like to check out for people’s outfits. I have a subscription to Elle and W. I keep my eyes open for the little things other people might miss when I walk the streets of L.A. But honestly I try not to care too much about the latest trends. If you’re always taking in information then what comes out is not going to be original.

CM: Any advice for future fashion designers?
L: Keep the dream alive no matter what. You gotta stay positive and believe in yourself. If you can’t make it to Central St. Martins then you’re screwed. just kidding. uhh….and don’t take yourself too seriously. that’s a drag.

images via Sunclassixx Etsy shop

Lil sent me two of her signature jersey racerback tanks. Their fit and popping prints set them apart from summer styled tops right off the bat, but the treat is the comfort of wearing a Sunclassixx piece. Easily done up with accessories and a maxi skirt, or down with a denim jacket, these tanks are perfect for lounging around or a night out. Another great feature is the ability to layer them underneath solid print outterwear for a snazzy look. Browse Sunclassixx now and stock up on the retro-glam piece of many seasons to come!

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