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Designer Spotlight: IADORNU Accessories

Designer Spotlight: IADORNU Accessories

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New York Fashion Week wrapped last week and certainly unveiled all the hottest fashions and spotlight-stealing trends. While you rock your pre-fall fashions, focus in on quality jewelry to pull your look together. Don beautifully minimalistic accessories designed by Mary Beth Heishman of IADORNU.

The Interview

Carbon Magazine: What is the inspiration behind creating your product?

Mary Beth: My environment, memories, travels, dreams, each piece has a personal story. I am always influenced by my environment, a desert landscape, highlighted but the twinkle of the Las Vegas skyline.

CM: What is the reasoning behind your store/brand’s name?

MB: My husband, he was the brains behind the name. I was brainstorming names and he just threw out I Adorn U and I was sold on it. Thanks Dave!

CM: As we transition into pre-fall styles, what was your favorite summer trend?

MB: Bracelets!

CM: Tell us about your favorite product you’ve ever designed.

MB: My newest lariat necklaces, hand carved coyotes and tails that pop out of rose gold plated bullet shells. It’s almost a self-portrait in a way, memories of collecting bullet shells in the desert, seeing desert creatures at dusk… It also reflects my sculptural artwork as well. These will be released in mid-July on

CM: How do you describe you/your brand’s personal style?

MB: A cross between a vintage loving woman to modern naturalist. A woman who loves unique, one-of-kind pieces made in the USA.

CM: What has been the biggest success when dealing with your company?

MB: My jewelry is now sold on, this was really a big deal for my growth of my business. Thank you Zappos!

CM: Any advice for future fashion designers?

MB: Keep on creating; it took me 4 years to refine my business.

Product Review

Mary Beth’s designs are beautifully designed with an outstanding quality. Each piece can be personalized with nicknames, initials, and inside jokes, making IADORNU accessories the perfect gift for any occasion. A vintage vibe is felt when wearing these minimalistic pieces; while they’re simple designs, they stand their own against stylish ensembles. I received the silver arrow bracelet, easy to match with anything and chic enough to make a statement. If you want vintage elegance in a small pre-fall style staple, browse IADORNU for your new favorite accessories.

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