Character Wear: Le Divorce

Character Wear: Le Divorce

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Le Divorce


French style has been held in the highest regard for years, and after watching Le Divorce, I can see why. I’ve traveled to Paris twice in my life, and both times I walked away not understanding why people always want to emulate their style. Clearly I wasn’t paying attention. This movie is about two American sisters living in France, so you are privy to their American observations on French style and I finally understood what all the fuss is about. Though the French often dress in a way that’s not daring and at first seems a little boring, they never fail to look classic and refined. Isabella’s (played by Kate Hudson) transformation from Beachy Boho to French Chic does a great job at displaying the simple, yet gorgeous way that the French cause women around the world to look on with envy.

The beginning of the movie shows Isabella in her ultimate Boho attire. Lots of turquoise jewelry, wavy hair, and billowing tops. However, once she meets a French man and becomes his mistress, Isabella’s look quickly becomes much more refined and classic. She chops her hair into an adorable bob, begins wearing a lot more solid colors, and starts sporting a new, bright red Hermes Kelly bag everywhere she goes. To top off her new Parisian look, she never leaves the house without a swipe of red lipstick on. The look is effortlessly glamorous. I’ve also included some very sexy lingerie and simple scarf because in the movie, you learn that a French woman is always seen wearing a scarf and that beautiful under things are very important to them (and their lovers). It is a look that is very easy to start trying on if you’re craving a high-fashion new look. You most likely have a plain, solid colored shirt, a pair of simple black heels, a scarf, and some red lipstick lying around your house. Throw it all together and you’ll have all you need to create that certain “je ne sais quoi.”


La perla

Hermès scarve

Chanel lipstick
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