Character Wear: Rapunzel

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Character Wear: Rapunzel

Looking back on some animated movies I would consider classics for my generation, I questioned what movies children today would call their classics. This question, however, did not take me very long to answer seeing as adults and children have raved to me about one movie: Tangled. The new twist on the classic Rapunzel tells the story of a runaway thief coming across the long-haired beauty and showing her what lies outside of her dreary tower. This story brings great messages to its audience, giving anyone, age aside, a wonderful and adventurous tale to enjoy.

In this movie, Rapunzel is not seen as a damsel in distress. She is a confident, strong, and independent girl, ready to show the world what she is made of. Aside from these differences, she still sports her girly get-up, an adorable purple peasant dress. To achieve her look, I chose a full purple skirt to match the full bottom of Rapunzel’s dress. Full, longer skirts have really made a comeback recently and with the right length, they can look stunning on any body type. On top, I chose the popular bralet in a striped white and lavender pattern. Even though Rapunzel is seen barefoot throughout the movie, I couldn’t skip on a girl’s favorite, so I picked a flatform sandal in white. For accessories, a simple gold bow bangle is perfect to contrast the purple in the skirt. If you want to add more, some gold stud earrings or a few more golden bangles would complement this outfit. Be confident and go for bold yellow nails to balance out the colors. If you haven’t seen this modern day classic, go see what you’re missing, and go see it in style with my version of Rapunzel’s Tangled ensemble.

Striped shirt

Full skirt

Dune white sandals
$115 –

Opi nail polish
$25 –

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