Beauty Box: Morning Burst

Beauty Box: Morning Burst

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 It is a brand many of us know and love. Cheap and available at most drug and beauty stores. Without spending an arm and a leg you receive a product that stands true to its advertisement. Clean and Clear Morning Burst is the secret. I have spent way too much money on facial products and cleansers that say they will do the trick and clear up any unwanted breakouts. But, many of them just end up putting a whole in my pocket spending as much as $50.00 for a cleanser that ends up making my skin irritated. 

I am one of those people with the most sensitive skin. A product too heavy or a product too light and my skin is out of control leaving me to pack on the makeup later to cover all of the blemishes I have been left with. I have always been a fan of Clean and Clear products as I use their moisturizer everyday. So I decided to purchase the Morning Burst cleanser and see if it was true to its advertisement. It is! After using this face wash I felt refreshed and wide awake. My skin was left with a bright natural glow, completely different from other cleansers I have used in the past. I put on my Dual Action Moisturizerafter for extra backup to prevent breakouts, which left my skin feeling baby soft.

The best part, this cleanser smells amazing! Usually scented cleansers cause my skin to react and breakout, but the Morning Burst does the opposite. Oil free, a light fruity fragrance, and a product that actually stands behind its advertisement. Definitely a great purchase!

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