Beauty Box: Schick Hydro Silk Razor

Beauty Box: Schick Hydro Silk Razor

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Even though fall is right around the corner, many of us are still showing off our legs in shorts and skirts to try and beat the summer heat. So we are, unfortunately, still having to be diligent about keeping our legs hair-free. As someone whose hair grows incredibly fast, I’ve always been frustrated with the shaving process. I’ll often rub my legs mere hours after shaving my legs and discover little patches of stubble already growing back in. Because of this, I’ve given some serious thought to having all my hair lasered off but that is a bit too expensive for me to actually try out. I try to combat my hair growth by buying nice-ish razors that sport five blades, in hopes that they will keep my stubble at bay, and yet somehow, that hair always comes peeking through.

Recently I was able to try out Schick’s Hydro Silk Razor, and I don’t think I’ll ever go back to discounted razors again. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had this smooth of legs since before puberty hit. This razor has five blades, but unlike other five-blade razors, the head of this one is flexible, making it easier to get a closer shave, especially in those tricky bumpy areas (ankles/knees). What is also great about this razor is that is surrounded by a gel-type substance that is great at preventing razor burn as it lubricates the areas where you are shaving. This is great because there have been one too many times where I was using a brand new razor and the sharpness of the blades left ugly red bumps behind. The only fault I had with this razor is that the second time I used it, the gel-type substance around it was dripping off so much to the point where I had to remove a lot of it by hand. I’m not sure why that happened (maybe I didn’t let it dry enough?), however the razor still worked really well so it wasn’t a big deal.

This razor is definitely more expensive than other disposable razors on the market, but I think it’s well worth the few extra dollars. Rather than skimping on money and having to shave more often with less than great results, this razor gives you exactly the shave you need at only a slightly higher price.

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