Beauty Box: Beautifully Bronze

Beauty Box: Beautifully Bronze

In my eyes, the beautifully bronzed look is never out. However, sometimes (girls especially) like to take the so-called “natural glow” to a whole never level reaching what I like to refer to as pumpkin status. Certainly no one wants to look like a pumpkin, or appear as if they have gotten a gallon of orange paint dumped on them. Being bronze, attaining that glow takes some knowledge and awareness of when enough is just that enough. I’ve gone through my fair share of bronzers and tinted face creams and I am sure one time or another I have ended up looking a little too dark for my skin tone. Or, have ended up with a nice line right under my jaw line to distinguish where makeup has been placed.

Left: Park Ave Princess     Right: Hotel Heiress

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After a lot of searching, and a few makeup lessons, I have found a bronzer that I love and best of all..know how to apply correctly. With a little help from a makeup consultant, I was able to find a bronzer by Tarte Cosmetics that is just perfect for that natural sun-kissed glow without the pumpkin effect. The Amazonian Clay Bronzer is now my go to. Available in two different shades to match your skin tone, both containing a little special effect as well. Park Ave Princess contains a shimmery gold, while Hotel Heiress is more of a deep bronze (which I have).

For $29 this product may seem like a bit of a sticker shock, but it is definitely worth it. I just sweep on a little bit with a Kabuki brush onto my cheeks and nose, and I make sure to blend down my neck so I don’t end up with any unwanted lines.

Now, I am able to have a nice sun-kissed glow all year round without looking over-baked.