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The Style Guru: Baroque is Back

The Style Guru: Baroque is Back

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Its back… embellishments, beautifully ornate designs and rich lux looks. The Baroque is packing a punch in the fall trend scene. Whether you keep up with runways shows, have a natural eye for upcoming trends, or have even flipped open vogue, you would notice the Baroque style making its appearance.

The Baroque style generally is an artistic form that uses details to create a complex, dramatic, and extravagant look or feel. It can be used in nearly any art form and that certainly doesn’t exclude fashion.

This trend certainly isn’t for simplistic of hearts, the heavy detailing and eye catching designs will grab attention right left and center! When wearing a Baroque look you certainly won’t be missed! The quality of Baroque styles varies greatly; some garments will feel just as luxurious as they look. Needle point and embroidering are good indicators of the style, as is gold! Gold thread, accessories and embellishments! Rich fabrics like silk, velvet or leather, and beautiful ornate patterns that sometimes resemble antique wallpaper or even literal paintings are what to expect.


You can wear this trend in a few different ways, there are no rules and anything can always be attempted! You can dress up the Baroque, looking exclusive, regal and luxurious. If you lean this way with the look, you can really “go for it” and dress it up as much as possible including jewels, heels, and painted lips! Another way can be rugged and rebellious. You can dress the Baroque down by using it in a rocker look. Think about using more silvers in your accessories, metallic in the detailing and leathers as bases.

Just because this style is about creating opulence doesn’t mean you have to go broke trying to look Baroque! Topshop has some great printed Baroque pieces at reasonable prices! You can easily substitute some expensive embroidery with prints and even flocking!


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