The Style Guru: Kick Up Dust In A New Pair of Boots or Booties!

The Style Guru: Kick Up Dust In A New Pair of Boots or Booties!

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When the cool weather arrives during early fall, it’s no surprise people jump on the opportunity to finally start wearing a different style of shoe. This season the boots and booties are making a bold statement that will surely add a kick to your look.

The key elements when looking for a trendy boot or bootie are all in the details! Expect to see and look for boots with lots of texture and structure. There are a few different looks you could possibly go for, the simplistic, the flashy and the bold.

A simplistic look would have a sleek and subtle feel. The details would be in the cut and sew, the structure, and the overall shape. Generally this look would be solid in colour, however a contrast pop colour in the heel, toe or other areas is also very trendy.


The flashy is really focused on texture and details. lace, snake-skin, fur trims and other embellishments or fabrics are key here. The detailing and texture are used together to create the ‘wow’ factor. In a single boot there could very well be a multiple assortment of fabrics and colours.

For those wanting a bold boot think about combining the simplistic and the flashy look together. The bold is definitely eye-catching and could be used as a statement piece. The bold might not be something you wear everyday considering it wouldn’t be paired too easily with an outfit.

Most fall boots and booties are already making their way into stores and can be found in just about any shop like Forever 21 or H&M. However if you want boots that will last, that are different and better in quality to what everyone else is wearing, spend a little extra and check out Saks 5th Ave or Simons!

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