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Designer Spotlight: Shuacyde

Designer Spotlight: Shuacyde

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A common theme of New York Fashion Week was simple silhouettes with exaggerated, elegant detail. Studs, spikes, metallics, and brass adorned designers’ collections. If you want a polished fall look, turn to Stacy’s shop, Shuacyde, for customized shoes and jackets.

The Interview

Carbon Magazine: What inspired you to create Shuacyde?

Stacie: I am truly inspired by the uncommon. I try to design and create things no one has seen before that will instantly spark attention.

Carbon Magazine: Do you have any specific designers/muses when creating your stuff?

Stacie: As far as designers, I love classics like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes & YSL. I also love the risk takers like Christian Louboutin, Rock Republic and L.A.M.B.

Carbon Magazine: What is the reasoning behind your shop’s name?

Stacie: I wanted a name that would grab your attention. I wanted the potential customer to ask, “what is that?”

Carbon Magazine: Have any favorite trends?

Stacie: I love bold colors, prints and patterns of this summer.

Carbon Magazine: Where do you see yourself & brand/store in 5-10 years?

Stacie: Hopefully in shops and boutiques all around the world

Carbon Magazine: Tell us about your favorite product you’ve ever designed.

Stacie: I would have to say my favorite design would have to be my first pair of shoes I designed for myself. They were six inch platform rhinestone rainbow pumps. They were extreme to say the least. I was going out with some friends to a major event and I wanted to stand out. At the time I was not selling my designs, I was just creating different items for myself and friends (shoes, t-shirts, jeans). Those pair of shoes started it all, the night I wore them out I received so many compliments and questions about them, I knew that I had a product that would sell. The rest is history I guess

Carbon Magazine: How do you describe you/your brand’s personal style?

Stacie: My brand’s personal style is outrageous, fierce, eye-catching and thought provoking. You either love it or you hate it but when you see it, you will talk about it

Carbon Magazine: What’s been the biggest struggle when dealing your company?

Stacie: My biggest struggle would have to be marketing and pricing my products. As a consumer, I know personally how much I would pay for an item but as a designer and business woman, I know I need to price to cover all my expenses, my time and to make a profit.

Carbon Magazine: What has been the biggest success when dealing with your company?

Stacie: My biggest success has been satisfied customers all over the world

Carbon Magazine: Where do you see yourself & brand/store in 5-10 years?

Stacie: Hopefully in shops and boutiques all around the world

Carbon Magazine: What kind of person do you design for?

Stacie: I design for the fashion forward person, no matter age or gender. Someone willing to take risk to express their true style.


Product Review

Stacie sent me a beautifully studded trench coat, just the solution for staying stylish in autumn weather. Fitted to perfection and beautifully detailed, I could not be happier with the coat. True quality is shown in Shuacyde’s products as each are adorned to their own style. Stacie’s shoes and coats are spotlight stealers, sure to transform your walk to class into a runway. Stay glamorous, commit Shuacyde.

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