Designer Spotlight: Girl With a Serious Dream

Designer Spotlight: Girl With a Serious Dream

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Autumn is the time to layer, but not over-bundle and bury your style! A statement making blouse under a flattering pastel pea-coat beats an oversized hoodie any day. Make your walk to class your runway. For a beautiful collection of dainty, femininely chic pieces, stock up on staple items from Style Made Here.

The Interview

Carbon Magazine: How did you get involved in fashion?

Anna Maria: I’ve always had an interest in fashion. “Girl with a Serious Dream” began after I graduated from architecture school, and came to the realization that fashion design was my deepest passion. I began designing in architecture school and developed the eye for detail through my classes. The initial inspiration came from my own personal wardrobe. I wanted to create a line that I would wear myself.

CM:  How long have you been sewing?

AM: I began sewing about one year ago.

CM: How did you learn how to sew?

AM: Once I finished architecture school (and decided to transition into fashion) I took a fashion design class; I learned to make patterns from scratch and the basics of creating garments. During this time, I started to experiment with new ideas: fabrics, notions, and basically anything that would come to mind. I’m a very hands-on person, so even though I was nervous to start from the beginning, through a lot of practice and dedication, I began to gain confidence. I read a lot about different sewing techniques in books and sewing blogs, which also helped aide the development of my skills.

CM: What inspires the pieces of “Girl With a Serious Dream?”

AM: I would have to say the femininity that women exude. I love the softness and elegance associated with women and I try to portray that side in my clothing. I also try to maintain a sense of the culture I grew up around in my hometown of Lima, Peru. The culture there is so rich and bright—it’s something you just can’t ignore. I also wanted to weave classic elements into my designs; I consider my style to be romantic with an edge, so I use a lot of vintage silhouettes but add on a modern twist. I combine basic shapes with luxurious fabric to create the feel of a vintage item but to also have the comfort level of contemporary outfits.

CM: What is your favorite fabric to use while designing?

AM: Going along with my affinity for the feminine, I love working with lace the best. I also love to work with silks, tulles, and soft jersey fabrics as well. I’m a little bit obsessed with the variety of fabrics available now. I can spend hours browsing for fabrics online—that is my paradise.

CM: What is your favorite part of your business?

AM: Creating new designs is first and foremost my favorite part of having my own fashion line. Aside from designing, forming and maintaining relationships with my clients is especially gratifying. I love to make custom designs for them; creating something special and unique for them is a fantastic feeling.

CM: Where do you see your business in the next 5 years?

AM: As of now, I’m focusing on further developing my brand line by increasing exposure through a fashion blog and having my clothing available not only online, but also in more boutiques. I am continuing to learn new skills and techniques, so as I progress towards my goals, I will hopefully be able to expand to the areas I see fit for my line.

CM: How did you start your business?

AM: Although I can’t recall exactly when I made the decision to launch my own line, I remember taking it step by step. Once I knew I wanted to leave my architecture job, I decided to follow this dream and took the first step by enrolling in design classes. From there, I began to create pieces and explore the possibilities and soon enough, it began to come together.

CM: Any tips for other inspiring designers?

AM: Always follow your dreams and listen to your instincts. Never be afraid to experiment with things you may feel uncomfortable with at first. Incorporate your ideas into your designs, and of course, have fun with it, love what you do!


Product Review

With a collection as innovative and pretty as Anna’s. it’s hard not to fall head over heels for each piece. She sent me two incredibly gorgeous blouses that over exceeded my expectations. The first blouse, the “Amy Floral Leaf Print” chiffon blouse, complete with puffed sleeves, is a perfect top for the khaki jegging trend. I also received a black lace back button up blouse, over-sized and perfect for pairing with pastel or floral bottoms. Both tops are carefully constructed and beautifully made with soft fabrics and dainty detail. If you want pieces of top quality and layer-friendly looks, take your fashion cravings to Anna at Girl With a Serious Dream.

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