Designer Spotlight: Marty Magic

Designer Spotlight: Marty Magic

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Chunky, cable-knit infinity scarves, Pop-up collar ponchos, and sequin fingerless mittens all make fall fashion cozy and chic. With so many fun accessories, where do you add a touch of jewelry without overdoing it? Marty Magic holds the answer, refocusing bronze and silver pieces to an inventive new area; the ear cuff! A collection full of beautiful earrings, rings, charms, pendants and ear cuffs, the only issue you’ll have with accessorizing a fall ensemble is picking your favorite!

The Exclusive Interview

Carbon Magazine: What is the biggest influence on your whimsical collection?

Marty: Fantasy, fairy tales and the Magical realm of nature greatly influence my work.  I love to travel to biologically diverse places on this planet.  I have recently traveled to the Galapagos, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Australia and Indonesia.  I am inspired to create charms of the more unusual creatures that I encounter on my travels.

CM: With such an impressive line of work, what is your favorite piece?
M: My favorite products to design are my ear cuffs. I have been designing ear cuffs for over 30 years.  When I first started creating ear cuffs I had little competition and ear cuffs were hard to find.  I feel that I have been a pioneer when it comes to designing ear cuffs and that my ear cuff designs are innovative and wearable sculptures.

CM: What has been the greatest success in your business?
M: My ear cuff creations have been my greatest success and I am continually brainstorming and coming up with even more innovative new ear cuff designs.  The musician Prince and his band has worn my Crescent and Moon Ear Wrap for many years.
Anne McCafferty wears my Classic Dragon Ear Wrap.

CM: Any struggles you’ve faced as a jewelry designer?
M: The biggest struggle that I now face is that companies in China are copying my ear cuff designs, making molds off my originals and casting my designs in cheap alloy metals. The internet has been a blessing but also a curse since it makes it easy for unethical companies to copy my designs and infringe on my intellectual property.  Many of these companies also steal my photos off of my web site to use to promote their counterfeit Marty Magic ear cuffs.   It is extremely disheartening.

CM: What kind of customer shops Marty Magic?
M: My jewelry and ear cuff designs appeal to a wide variety of customers.  My pieces are eclectic and off beat; my collection is diverse.  My customers are of all ages and all walks of life.  There is a charm or ear cuff in my collection that will most certainly be the perfect fashion statement for just about anyone.  I have never been in main stream fashion….and because of that, my work appeals to those who are searching out their own unique style.

CM: What can we expect to see from MM in the future? Any goals you’d like to accomplish?
M: I have been in business for nearly 35 years.  My daughter is now working full time along side of me and will be offering her own unique jewelry creations in the spring of 2013. With her help and help from my husband, I expect to have even more time to create in the future.  I expect that my business will continue to flourish and grow over the next 5-10 years.  I don’t plan on ever retiring, but I expect to design more and spend less time managing the business.

The Review

I fell in love with the bronze octopus ear cuff. Elegant and out of the ordinary, this piece is simple in color yet whimsical and fun. It takes on a new level of chic when pairing the cuff with a color-blocked fall ensemble, bringing out a bold detail. I love Marty’s collection due to it’s creative spirit and exceptionally respectable quality. I wear my ear cuff whenever i have the chance! It accents my favorite pair of pearl earrings, and eventually my octopus ear cuff is swimming in compliments. If you’re looking for a casual yet uber-stylish accessory, checking out Marty Magic is a must.

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