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From the Editor: Tint Hair Chalk

From the Editor: Tint Hair Chalk

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Ever wanted to put an extreme color in your hair but we’re afraid of it permanently damaging your hair? Thanks to the latest in hair technology all of the heartbreak of stained hair from pastels and Kool-Aid can be avoided with Tint Hair Chalk from Fine Featherheads. This product is very easy to apply, you just smudge the color onto the hair and set with hairspray or heat. That’s it. You’re ready for a fun night out.┬áThe best part about this product is that it comes out with one shampoo which is fantastic for those who have stiff jobs during the week or an important event where colored hair isn’t appropriate. I’ve seen competing products at Urban Outfitters and there’s the Color Bug from Kevin Murphey but as far as price is concerned, Fine Featherheads’ product is less expensive and you can order direct from their website. Still not convinced? Watch the video below to see the product in action and click here to purchase from Fine Featherheads.

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