Beauty Box: No More Ugly Cries

Beauty Box: No More Ugly Cries

It is coming to that time of year again, sorority recruitment. With long nights ahead on top of school and homework, looking up to my best standards this week has been quite the challenge. The biggest challenge of all will be when recruitment finally starts, making sure I am looking on point at all times with my makeup as perfect as can be. Tears will be shed from laughter, tiredness, and sadness, so in order to keep mascara from running down my face and achieving the ultimate “ugly” cry I have found a wonderful solution.

I am a big fan of Tarte Cosmetics as they produce quality products that not only look great, but are long lasting. Their line of mascaras is one of my favorites so I decided to purchase the Lights, Camera, Splashes! one for this special event. Similar to the regular mascara they produce, this one not only gives you the length but also does not clump up as many other waterproof mascaras I have found do.

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Now instead of focusing on fixing my makeup every ten minutes, I can focus on what is truly important, my sisters. I will definitely be sharing this with them during recruitment! Through rain, sweat, and tears this is one mascara that proves to withstand. Don’t be afraid to cry or go to the beach hop in the ocean, your makeup will stay put!

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