Beauty Box: Maxxed-Out

With the humidity out of control as the seasons begin to change, my hair is definitely affected by these crazy weather changes. Getting ready is a serious struggle as I am constantly sweating having to take breaks in between doing my hair to cool off. Once I finally get my hair to an acceptable appearance, within two minutes it seems to fall apart. My go to emergency fix is MAXXED-OUT Hairspray, Bed Head by TGI. This product right now is a life-saver! I curl my hair and immediately it falls out, I tease my hair and two seconds later it’s laying flat against my head. Now, I spray in this product and I am good to go not having to worry about the humidity messing it up within seconds.

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This product may seem to fool you at first as it is a light mist almost going on as a simple shine product. But don’t let that fool you this hairspray is maximum hold and I can assure you that your hair will not go anywhere for the rest of the night with one simple application.


Now, don’t think twice before leaving the house without applying this hairspray. Unless of course, you are willing to take the risk of looking like a lion as I do when I forget. It is a simple personal preference of looking clean and slick, or wild and crazy!